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To those on my friends List:

U Rock you truly do
no matter if your ranting or raving or just narrating you truly make my day more full. so thank you ^_^

Adventures in Food

Ok first of all let me say I LOVE the farmers market. If you have a farmers market anywhere close to you I thoroughly urge you to check it out. Despite being better for the environment and selling positively yummy stuff it is also better for your wallet. Usually I go with nani_ka on saturday Mornings to Edmonds to partake of their loveliness. My recent purchases include a most delicious rub from Frawg-and-Turtle called Tadpole Tuscan Rub and sunchokes. If you read nani_ka 's journal you will have heard of these lovely root vegetables.
So inspired by a recipe I found online I made a potato leek sunchoke side dish which was absolutely yummy. Here's the general recipe

3 cups sliced potatoes (I used a medley of golden yellow, red petite, and purple potatoes)
1/4 cup leek greens
2 cups sliced sunchokes
1 cup chicken stock
1 cup half and half
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/8 tsp Thyme
1/8 tsp nutmeg
1-1/2 cup Parmesan, Romano, Asiago cheese blend

In bowl place sunchokes with lemon juice and Thyme let blend while making the sauce. On stove combine 1 cup of Chicken stock and 1 cup of half and half with 1 cup of cheese blend and 1/8 tsp nutmeg. Stir over med heat until cheese is somewhat melty careful not to scorch. In Small Pyrex Casserole dish layer potatoes then leeks then a bit of the remaining cheese then sunchokes then 1/2 sauce then repeat when you do this since the cheese will not have fully melted due to the fact they are hard cheese make sure to scatter them on the the top evenly. (Once done they will further melt and create a crispy cheese crust) Bake at 345 for around 50 minutes until potatoes are spearable by fork. let sit 5 minutes and serve.


The trouble with children and their pets

It has been said you can tell the content of ones character by how they treat those that are weaker than they are ie pets, children, the elderly. Maybe this is the reason my stepdaughters behaviour appalled me so much. I know pets can be trying, infants doubly so, still every other statement was her yelling at her dog who is but 4 mos and as yet not trained. I hate yelling and am feeling physically ill at the moment. And am thinking of running away to England.


I <3 Laughing cow cheese light 1 little wedge = 1 WW point ^_^ and it is pure creamy bliss. Bring on the Cheese!!!
I walked over 4 miles today... according to my pedometer it was 10886 steps to be precise. I walked from my house to my work... after i did it i was sort of tired but not really dead... fast forward later till 9pm... My legs is J-E-L-L-O. I am so tired. but I want to do this again.... Dane says I should try to do it only 1x a week every other week then try 1x every week then see if it gets easier... He also says hes Uber proud of me *SQUEE*
Has anyone else ever tried to be as ambitious... also has anyone tried Curves? I want to try as its the closest gym to my house. well I'm audi for now, Loves, ME


So today is my birthday !!! Dane made me a seafood omelette with crab and shrimp and ricotta and toast with all fruit ^_^
soon I will get dressed and we will work out at Ballys ^_^ ok its an excuse to go for free.. then off to WW meeting and then the Keg for free dinner/lunch
and later this evening scoring free icecream
and then hollywood video for free movie
...Hmmm are we sensing a theme???

teeheee.... I love My Birthday ^_^

Free Coffee

Just wanted to give a heads up to all you coffee lovers out there Panera Bread is giving out free coffee on Wed Jan 28
along with samples of their new food stuffs. all I can say is Squee!

A brand new year a brand new me

Okay so its 2009 and as of today I am officially 2 weeks and 4 days away from my birthday. but I couldnt wait until then to change my look so i cut my hair like 12 inches into an aline bob and put in some auburn highlights ^_^ According to my WW online journal I am officially 5% smaller then I was last year and from my heaviest thats almost 40# lighter ^_^ YAY
This year I hope to continue with my weight loss and the fact that work is helping with the cost is no small matter. I save like 60$ YAY. I also want to make an appointment at a new physician and work on working out...
This year I'm going to try to focus on the positive more and journal at least 2 times a month... lets see if that happens ^_^

Update General

Took yesterday off and enjoyed a really wonderful day with Dane first went shopping for food and came home for a bit to eat. We then went to Barnes and Noble and picked up 2 calendars and magazine and then went off for an eye appointment got a really CUTE pair of glasses. Went to the great optometrist recommended by Nani-ka He totally rocks and cant wait for my glasses to arrive . we then went to watch Bridal wars... TOTALLY ROCKED Got Honey at Aunt bev and uncle mike's. and came home and watched the biggest loser. its the first time i've ever seen it but totally understand how people become hooked def on the dvr ^_^

Holiday Wrap Up 2008

So Christmas was pretty good this year
Honestly I wasn't really in the mood... I had been doubly depressed no doubt the Snowpacalypse had something to do with it...
the kids seemed to enjoy it and totally made out like bandits being completely spoiled by my sis in law and us...
speaking of sisters my sis rocks! she took the entire fam to the movies to see bedtime stories and cooked a lovely brunch.
Dane really enjoyed it as well and is really happy with Minish Cap
My hilight was I finally got an engagement ring.. its not huge but it is white gold and diamonds its also a few sizes too small, and since i wanted to try it on i got it stuck... by the way if it happens to you use windex it works awesomely ^_^